LPG Business Review is the latest platform for sharing and discussion of LPG industry information. Each issue we will provide you with a plethora of industry relevant information spanning from the latest global LPG news and statistics, exclusive interviews and in-depth thought pieces. Our goal with this quarterly magazine is to provide you with a platform that will serve as a mode of communication and sharing between everyone in the industry.


Our magazine will feature:
– The latest News and Developments on LPG around the world
– Concise market data and global price movements
– Interviews with influential decision makers in the industry
– Product and technology updates from vendors
– Insightful thought pieces from industry veterans
– Global LPG statistics database


This version of the LPG Business Review will focus on all aspects of LPG business and development within Africa and the Middle-East. There are plans to develop other regional editions in the future. We are constantly working and developing our magazine and value your feedback! Please drop us an email, write in and let us know what you would like to hear about or what we could do better. Our aim is to learn how to serve you best. Help us to help you make your business better.